Not a fan....

New Years Eve is coming and I've listed a couple things that I like and a couple that I don't for this post.  Hopefully this next year will be just as good as this one.  Ringing out the New Year with one of my friends from school, and a bunch of friends from home. Hopefully it will be a great one!

Fan of:

1. Now this, I am a fan of. Such a clever idea when you are hosting a party for example a New Years Party.  Dip the wine glasses in chalk and then everyone can write their name or something on it to know that it's their drink. Definitely keeping this idea to use.

2. I love bright blue waters of the ocean. Better yet the ocean is my favorite place in the world.  I would love to go here some day and live in one of these houses in the water in Bora Bora.  This is on my bucket list to complete.

3. I love stair cases like this for a grand entrance into a house.  I wish I lived in one like this. Maybe someday

Not a Fan:

1. I get really sick of people sometimes.  I wish people would just give me an answer. That's all I ask, a simple text, or call "Can't I'm busy" would suffice. 

2. umm.... Well not a fan of crazy shoes, just a little crazy to be wearing these. I cannot see me wearing these any time soon.

3.  Not a fan of ugly bridesmaid dresses. I will not make my bridesmaids wear ugly dresses.  I hope for a deep blue, or a little lighter. 

XOXO Catherine

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